The device named Ardau™ is a carbon reactor. It produces heat and power on a commercial scale 24/7/365 from any carboniferous material, and does so more efficiently than any other current method.

Scalable – Small Ardau systems fit into a 40 foot container and can be transported to remote locations to provide power to local communities. A 5MWh installation will answer the power needs of a community of around 3,000 families. Large installations can match the power output of the world’s largest power stations.

‘Flexible load’ – Unlike conventional base load power stations Ardau installations can very quickly increase or decrease their power output as demand changes through the day.

All outputs can be captured and stored, reused or sold. There need be no escape of greenhouse gases or other pollutants to the atmosphere.
Ardau installations will enable the world to continue to use plentiful and relatively inexpensive fossil fuels whilst minimalising the contribution these make to global warning.
The Ardau system is unique, and will fundamentally change the way mankind produces heat and power.